The Forgetful Pastor: A Memory Course


Remember facts about everyone in your congregation.

Let's face it. A pastor's job is people. A bad memory gets in the way of you shepherding your flock. Have you ever been in the situation where a person you met the other day comes up to you and you can't remember his name... how embarrassing! With's memory course, you'll be able to memorize information about people, and learn to remember every person's name you hear.

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Memorize 1000's of verses and sermons.

Perhaps you've gotten stuck in a situation where you know the perfect verse for a person you're counseling but you can't remember where it is in the Bible? That's why created our pastor's memory course. We put together this memory course for people like you. We know what it's like to have your mind go blank right when you need that crucial information.

The memory system this product uses is based on memory techniques that have been in use for thousands of years. The same memory system created by ancient antiquity to memorize 100,000's of words in poems is now put to use in modern day life. Historians say Thomas Aquinas memorized every book he ever read using memory mnemonics. BUT, we didn't stop there! has combined ancient techniques with over 6 years of refinement using memory learning models and crucial scientific studies. Now, your mind can go further than mankind has ever gone before. With practice you can achieve any memory goal. Join us on this journey, and see how God has created your brain to be limitless.


Money Back Guarantee

We believe in this product so strongly that we invite you to try the first seven days with a full 100% money-back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied, then we aren't satisfied. So what do we cover in our memory course? We will show you how to memorize names, numbers, verses, facts about people, show you how to strengthen your underlying memory and much more! On top of all that, we add 2 months of's memory gym for free! We will show you how to memorize ANYTHING! All it takes is faithfulness and a little time. We will also maximize your learning curve so that you can remember a lot without wasting a lot of time.
We are the only memory course on the market that makes use of cutting-edge scientific research in order to maximize your learning curve. That means you remember more with less effort.