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Almost Cyborg - Plugging Into Tech

Film Matrix: a choice in your life

My low-tech grandpa tells me the story of when he first got his new TV. This electric magic-box could bring information to audiences more vividly than ever before. He could experience the scenery of his favorite story. Imagine it! Catching the first glimpses of places across the entire globe. I'd guess when biological-electrical implants come along they will seem similar to how my grandpa felt with his first magical TV.

At first the new technology will seem almost impossible, but then the newness will fade. I mean, how different will it be from today? Today, information can be streamed to us anywhere, anytime. I have a few friends who have a cell phone attached to their face so often that they might already classify as part machine! All right I guess it would be cool downloading ninja moves straight into our minds (Oh Neo, how envious I am...).

Today information is everywhere. The information flash flood requires us to be connected non-stop. Smart phones hang around like a lonely switchboard operators from the 1960s. No Siri, I don't want to call anyone right now. This information flow fuels our society. The tricky part is learning how to sift through this endless stream of data and narrow it down to discover what's important. Advances in technology can help you harness the power of this flood of information. I don't have a biological implant to offer but we're getting close!

In this article, I'll offer you tools that allow you to consume so much information that someone may (probably not) classify you as (almost) cyborg.