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Double Your Reading Speed in One Day

Philosophical Hall

I’ve had an on and off again relationship with speed reading. It’s kind of like that girl friend I like, but not enough to keep the relationship going past a month. Or perhaps it’s like that office acquaintance that I can’t get around to hanging out with outside of work. For this article, I decided to get serious on the topic and bought a few additional books.

I’ve read 3-4 books on Speed Reading and a handful of articles (probably much slower than I could have utilizing the information I was reading at the time). I did all of this research to figure out a simple speed reading system that I could use without hours of painful, reading training. I needed a method I could practice while I read in my normal life.

As in everything, what you put into practicing speed reading is what you’ll get out of it. I offer a chart at the end that tells you what speed you can expect to achieve with different levels of serious training. I do have a dream of one day achieving super-reader status. Imagine the sparks flying off your fingers as you race by at 2000 words each minute … 240 pages each hour… 1 book every 2 hours! But for now, I’ll settle for the Clark Kent version.

This article is for readers who like simplicity and want to double their reading speed. That’s easy to do with a few tips. To triple your reading speed or go even faster, I suggest doing a more rigorous speed reading technique as described in Triple Your Reading Speed or my favorite, Breakthrough Rapid Reading . These books separate speed reading steps into a series of exercises that you can master. They also require you to take time to practice the exercises. Now let’s get into the meat of the article.