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Note Taking
Capturing Inspiration - 43 Tips for Advanced Note Taking

The Harvest WriterWe all have those moments.

Inspiration flashes in front of us. Ideas become almost palpable.

I've found that without a method for capturing inspiration, the inspiration is lost. Receipts, post-it notes, and the napkins are the graveyards of genius.

Today I wanted to share a few techniques. Knowing how to capture notes and ideas then organize them in a useable way is a key to learning. If you can’t remember what you’ve learned, then why learn it at all? I’ve scoured the internet, books, and my personal experience to bring you this article. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Overview – Advanced Note Taking

I’m going to go over three techniques for organizing your notes: email, Evernote, and the good old notebook. All of these strategies offer you a central method  to consolidate your notes and inspiration. I’ve tried to chalk this article full of useful tips and resources along the way.

Creative Notes: Mind Maps

mind_map_topI’m a big fan of Mind Maps, as popularized by Tony Buzan. Mind maps are a way of taking notes that allows you to engage your capacity for creativity. This is how I take notes when I feel like doodling or brainstorming.

I prefer using a pencil and paper or perhaps a drawing app on my IPad. Paper is my favorite app (not affiliated). I’ve tested out a few different mind map software applications, but I haven’t been impressed with any yet.